Killer Instinct: Kim Wu Trailer

Killer Instinct Cup is currently streaming live through Twitch, and moments ago Kim Wu game play was revealed.

Armed with nun chucks and a ghostly dragon figure, Kim looks to be a pretty awesome character for season 3 of Killer Instinct.

Killer Instinct Season 3 is due out in March for Xbox One and Pc.

Xbox One Vs PS4: Battle of Exclusives 2016




Now before we go further, yes I understand that some of the games mentioned are also on PC or have limited exclusivity. My focus is on which system had the best games during that time.

2015 Review

Last year was a strong year for exclusives on both consoles, and according to Xbox, “Their greatest line-up ever”.  Starting there I will say that personally, I’m not a fan of Halo or Forza, but I know they each hold a big fan base, and it was “been there done that” with Rare Replay/Gears of War. Ori and The Blind Forest was my favorite Xbox exclusive of 2015, even with a strong showing from Crystal Dynamic’s Rise of the Tomb Raider.

However, PlayStation presented a different kind of line up for 2015. Hands down Bloodborne was their strongest game, but Hell Divers had a notable presence. The other major games included the beautiful but boring Order 1886, unique story telling of Until Dawn, and the annual MLB the Show entry. Since I included Rise of the Tomb raider in Xbox’s Exclusives, it’s only fair I consider Rocket League a PlayStation Exclusive for 2015.

That being said I give PlayStation the victory for best Exclusives of 2015 as Rocket League was a highly entertaining addition to an already diverse line-up.

2016 looks to be another heated battle, of which console delivers the best games. So what can we do we know so far.


Quantum Break, Recore, Sea of Thieves, Gears of War 4, Maybe Crackdown?, and Cup Head are the games on my radar. I’m really hoping that Recore delivers a fresh third person action experience and that Cup Head is as entertaining as it looks. Not sure what to make of Crackdown’s timing, are we going to just see a beta this year?  I’m predicting that Quantum Break will be my favorite, given its developer’s pedigree, and who doesn’t like freezing time. On the other hand, I’m not sold on Sea of Thieves, and Curious if Black Tusk tries new things with a veteran Gears of War series.


My hot List for PS4 contains: Street Fighter V, Ratchet and Clank, Uncharted 4, No Man’s Sky, Tomorrow Children, Horizon Zero Dawn and The Last Guardian. Street Fighter V is only a few weeks away and I’m counting the days. I’ve yet to play the Beta, but from what I’ve seen it’s sure to be another classic.  April is bringing us an awesome looking Ratchet and Clank reboot, as well as the potential game of the year, Uncharted 4. Speaking game of the year, I’m really hoping Horizon Zero Dawn lives up to the early game play. Guerilla games is on to something special, and that’s why Horizon is my most anticipated PS4 game. The other three games mentioned all sit in limbo with The Last Guardian being my biggest doubt.

It’s too close to call right not, but the year ahead is going to be exciting on both sides of the fence, and who’s to say I’m not missing a major breakout game. I’ve only brushed on what’s likely to be a great year for gaming. Now it’s your time to tell us your choices…




Insomniac Partners with Gamestop

This morning Insomniac announced it’s new game Song of the Deep, along with a partnership with Gamestop.

Insomniac has full creative control over the game, as Gamestop works to market and exclusively sale the Physical version of the game. Song of the Deep can also be purchased digitally on PS4, Xbox One, and PC this Spring.

Song of the Deep follows the story of a young girl’s quest to find her missing father. It appears that most of the gameplay will take place in a submarine, which she uses to explore the depth’s of the sea.

Take a look at the Trailer below and let us know what you think!


First Look: The Tomorrow Children

I was lucky to join  the Tomorrow Children closed beta,  before it ended this past weekend. Tomorrow Children is The Soviet Union meets Mecha Godzilla, with an Animal Crossing eco-system.

My goal with the beta was to see how all these crazy ideas worked together.


Think Animal Crossing, only trade the farm animals for soldiers.

Players work together in a seamless online community  collecting resources, customizing the city, operating a treadmill to generate power, and warding off attacking enemies.

Yes there is combat in this game, however I ran out of time before the opportunity to throw down.

Equipped with a pick-axe, I spent much of my time  earning money as a miner. The money I earned was used to purchase various licenses.

The different licenses allowed me to wield a weapons, cruise around town, or  gain access to better tools. I purchased a license to bear arms, but I never got more than a shotgun and didn’t get into any epic battles.

One cool feature was  boarding the local train, which gave me access to explore more of the Void. I was really hoping for some enemy encounters, but I had to settle for more resource gathering.

Overall my time with Tomorrow Children was positive, however I long for the opportunity to try out the combat. Monsters roamed in the back ground, but never dared to challenge me, what a shame.

For those who didn’t get a chance to test drive the game, Tomorrow Children is due out this summer on the PS4.


How I Find Gaming Deals


My gaming habit can get expensive fast, so finding a good deal is crucial to my wallet. The cool thing about shopping is that I love to do it, so much so in fact that I’ve made a list of tips that will help you save a couple dollars with little effort. should be saved in your favorites and visited daily. This forum is absolutely the best online source for finding a good deal. If you have a twitter, do yourself a favor and give them a follow @videogamedeals.

PSN and Xbox live weekly sales are an excellent source for digital games. In the past year they have really improved on their deals.

 Target Clearance was my go to when browsing around. Here lately they are not as consistent, but in my opinion are the best major retailer for finding gaming deals.

 Rewards Programs Best Buy and Amazon both offer discounts on new game purchases. Best Buy’s Gamers Club scores you 20% off all new game purchases for 2 years, all at the low price of $30. Amazon now offers 20% off pre-orders and recently released games as part of their Prime Membership.

Trade ins   to Gamestop can be worth your while. Right now they are running 50% extra trade-in and extra credit after a certain amount of next gen games are traded in. Best Buy also runs trade-in deals, but I usually go to Gamestop for trades. Being a power up rewards member for $15 a year gets you a 10% trade bonus and discounts on preowned games. runs a monthly sale, usually towards the end of the month where you can find lots of under $20 deals. Of course this is not the place to go after the new releases, but if you missed a game at release look for it here.

Ebay gift card sales especially around the holidays will save you 10-20% on gaming-related gift cards. My favorite has been the $80 for $100 psn cards, which doesn’t happen often but when it does it’s worth it. has proven to be a decent site to pick up digital codes. I found them a little shady at first but I’ve never had a problem with any of my purchases. Check them out for Xbox live subscriptions and digital games found in bundles.

Social Media and Craigslist only when Desperate. Most of the times these are only punk kids who don’t understand economics, but every now and then one of those punk kids’ parents sells little Johnnie’s games on the cheap.

This pretty much covers my conventional methods. If you have knowledge of something I don’t, please share. Until then good luck saving a buck!


Game Hype: Feb 2016

January is a good month to catch up on my never ending back log of games. Despite the critically successful Witness and the next entry in the Lego Series, not a lot of interest to try new games.

February is looking a little sweeter as we see the first big releases of the year along with some potentially awesome indie games.

Here’s what I’m looking forward too…

Feb 2

Gravity Rush returns with the remastered version for Ps4. Although I did not beat the original on Vita, I enjoyed it enough to return. This is also a great chance for those new to the series to invest as a sequel is due out later this year. Ps4

Cobalt is the next game from Mojang, the company who brought us Minecraft. Cobalt is a  2d side-scroller action game with lots of variety promised. Pretty excited for this one. Xbox one Xbox 360 and PC

Feb 9

Firewatch is an exciting indie game from Campo Santon.  I have been eager to get my hands on it since the announcement of this game.  Ps4 & Pc

Feb 16

I’ve always been a huge fan of Street Fighter, so it’s easy for me to vote Street Fighter V my MAGM (Most Anticipated Game of the Month) Ps4 & Pc

Feb 23

Farcry Primal is an amazing looking game, although a likely first day pass for me. I’m waiting to see scores before grabbing this one. Ps4 Xbox One & Pc

Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 is sure to bring lots of online fun. I did spend several hours with the first one, so I’m sure to be sucked back in. Ps4 Xbox one & Pc

There are several other games coming out this month, so tell me what I didn’t list and what you are looking forward to play next month…

The TMNT Game I’ve Been Waiting For?

I don’t know how many times I’ve watched this trailer since it’s release last night. Every time I do I’m transported back in time to my child hood.

Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtle: Mutants in Manhattan looks to recapture the magic of some of the earlier games like TMNT 3: Then Manhattan Project and TMNT: Turtles in time.  In fact with Platinum’s action this game has the possibility of being the best TMNT game yet.

My favorite parts of the trailer:

Nostalgia: Platinum just did it with Transformers: Devastation and once again the trailer strikes retro gold.

The Shredder and his Foot Soldiers:  Front and center is one of my favorite villains with his clan of mischievous ninjas.

Turtles Humor: From Raphael’s insults to Mikey’s goofball comments..

Dude Boss Battles: Armaggon, Rocksteady, and Bebop oh my I can’t wait…

Due out Spring 2016 super excited about this game.  How about you?

What’s Up With Comcept Games?



I can only guess that there are a bunch of angry  Kickstarter backers this morning, as Comcept announced the already previously delayed game Mighty No. 9 would once again be delayed to an unspecified date.

The game was originally set to release in April of 2015, later moved to September, then February 2016, and now who knows?

The delay this time, is said to be network issues, but my real concern is if this game is going to be worth playing when it does release.

What is Mighty No. 9? 

The game appears to be a spiritual successor to Mega Man. Take one look at the lead character and you can see the resemblance. Game play shows that the levels and boss battles play out the same way. The game is also said to have Co-op which is probably where the network bugs come in.

Comcept’s Past

I’ve tried to stay optimistic for this game, especially given Inafune’s track record. He has a pedigree of making awesome games, although his new company Comcept has been off to a rocky start.

Comcept began in December of 2010 releasing the Vita Exclusive Soul Sacrifice and Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z. Both games had weak performances with Ninja Gaiden Z being labeled as a critical failure.

Comcept is also connected to the recently delayed Recore, an Xbox Exclusive. Recore was originally scheduled for Spring 2016 but is now on track for later this year. As of today Recore is only represented by an 2015 E3 trailer, in which no game-play was present.

I’m rooting for Comcept, hoping that when we do see the final products, it will be worth the wait. But so far I’m doubtful.

Tell us what you think of Comcept and their development troubles? 





Dreaming About The Nintendo NX



So what would make me buy Nintendo’s latest and hopefully greatest…..

Above anything else, I really want to see Nintendo focus on strong  Network Connectivity. Mimicking PSN or Xbox Live would be a good place to start, however seeing a new twist would be much appreciated.  My gaming these days is all about hanging out, so being able to chat and play with my friends is a must.

Fluid controls is a must and for me that goes back to a more traditional controller. I would like to see Nintendo trade gimmick for conventional. I thought that the Wii U game pad was unique but ultimately a distraction.   Button count is also important to me, I would like to see the normal configuration found on competitors. Shape can be square, circle, or triangle as long as it feels good in my hand.

Sony was close to doing something magical with the Vita/Ps4 relationship, but unfortunately they missed. The Vita’s over reliance on touch screens made playing home console games awkward.  I would like to see Nintendo create a portable portion that operates on its own like the Vita but also serves as a primary controller in need be. I’ve always leaned towards sitting in front of the TV, but with the right touch portable gaming could steal some of my time.

I’m not doubting the resolution of Nintendo’s Nx will targeting 1080p . Even with the Wii U they were shooting for the best resolution possible, they just had poor timing when they released their new system.  I don’t think they have to out power the Ps4 or Xbox one just be in the ball park since the “Next Gen” is maturing they want to compete or excel.

The last is too obvious... The Games must be FRESH! Nintendo has the most Iconic characters in the industry., but the problem is they are being held captive in the past. If I see one more New New Super Mario Brothers I’m going to vomit!  How about a Super Mario Action Rpg or Super Metroid as a FPS. Not saying those would be wise direction, just mix it up.  Make me want to invest in Nintendo.

Hopefully we won’t have to wait much longer for an official announcement. Until then Surf the web to see all the wacky rumors and let us know  what  you want to see from the New Console. 



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