Who is Drza Games?

Hi my name Is Zach (Reddish shirt)  and I’m here with my brother from the same mother Drake. We spend most days at our desks jobs emailing back and forth about the latest and greatest, so much time in fact that we decided YOU should be a part of the conversation.

Since we were kids gaming was some where to be found. The biggest difference in our gaming is skill level. I might beat Super Mario Brothers in the same time Drake beats Dark Souls twice.

I’ve always been the driving force in our game machine where Drake has always been the genie pig. I will be researching and find a game that looks awesome then buy it to watch Drake play it. Who knew we were doing our own version of Twitch long ago.

Today Gaming is sort of an escape for both of us, also  serving as the main time we hang out. Living in different towns we owe thanks to PlayStation and Xbox for great online gaming.

Our goal with this Site is to share what we enjoy the most. We have had the same conversations countless times and decided we need new perspectives. Our Audience will be our driving force.

This blog is pretty much inviting you to move in with us where you see how goofy we truly are. So what will you get when you follow us?

Initially we will focus on Gaming news and opinion based articles.

The goal is to move into streaming and game play videos followed by podcasts and videos.

Drake and I are also huge niche movie buffs too, so don’t be surprised to find the occasional review. Raid 2 is our shared favorite movie of all time to give you an idea of our taste.

If you have made it this far thanks for reading and keep coming back to see what’s next!


Thank you,

Draza Games










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