E3 Showdown

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Today’s Scorpio reveal has set the stage for one heck of an E3.  Sony is riding the waves of an excellent first half but gamers always demand more. Nintendo has a promising new system and they are eager to prove skeptics wrong. Microsoft has a high powered machine but will people really care?

Here are my opinions on what each needs to bring to the table this E3.

  • SONY

Sony has came out the last few years with an epic trailer filled extravaganza. one hot game after the next poured on to the screen last year, but this year i want to see a focus on release dates. I think that we need to hear about the Detroit game, Dreams, Spider-man release date, Days Gone, and the Uncharted expansion.  Sucker Punch is rumored to be showing off a new game and that’s great but I really want to see them pull a Microsoft style “here’s what you can play soon show”.  I mean why not keep killing it the rest of the year. I’m sure VR will get some sweet games too, but I’m hoping the focus for VR will be more RE7 like experiences and less Starwars Battlefront Gimmicky VR. I think Sony can do the least in terms of New game announcements  and still come out looking pretty good.


Nintendo in my opinion can come out looking the best this year. they have a hot new system and they are paving their own way. 4k doesn’t mean a thing to them and that’s okay.  I think they need to fill the back half of 2017 with Mario Kart 8 like revamps of Wii U games. I think Smash Bros, Kirby, and Monster hunter should all join the already announced games for this year. I don’t think they need Metroid this year nor do I think we will see any thing more than a no release date trailer. i think they need to flesh out their online service, virtual console needs to be more than one game at a time please,  and why not give us some Media Apps.  Nintendo started out bold with Zelda and I believe that is just the beginning. I think Nintendo is going to secure the #2 spot (Console Race)  in the coming year.


Microsoft needs to say the name, price and functions of the Scorpio ASAP. Then Phil needs to have a show of amazing titles coming outside of the ones we know. Microsoft is due a new First Party Mascot or a mix up of an old one. I think the Scorpio needs to do more than just be a power hitter. It needs to have some new cool features Xbox one does not have. I know it’s fantasy but full Windows 10 support would be amazing.  Xbox has spent the last couple years mixing and mingling with PC It’s time for them to get married. This means PC and Scorpio share multiplayer match making. Xbox needs some more sweet 3rd party team ups like Sunset Overdrive and less like Recore.  I think Microsoft can show VR but I think they need to focus on the Mainstream for this presentation. Simply put “Just Show Us Some Cool Games!”  AND please give us CUPHEAD at the end of the presentation. Like June 11th  you can download it!


What do you want to see??

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