Thank You Nintendo

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So I’ve been able to sit down and play My Nintendo switch for several hours and I’m in love. ¬†Zelda Breath of the Wild is nothing short of amazing and the options for playing that the switch gives is more than satisfying.

I was skeptical until I held my very own switch, but I was quickly made a believer. The HD rumble of the controllers feels so much better than the dual shock 4, partially because the joy con controller is so light.

I love the way i can play with a joy con in each hand. At first it felt awkward then I looked at the clock and three hours had past. Now It’s my preferred method when playing on the TV. I’m sure that will change eventually but it’s nice to try a new method that is more than a gimmick.

Hand Held mode is smooth and satisfying knowing that I can take Zelda to hang out in the living room or to help me fall asleep lying in bed. The Switch has filled a void the Playstation Vita left. I always thought the Vita was close to perfect but the reliance on touch screen over buttons neutered lots of my game play experiences. It’s also nice to see that the software for switch is going to be better than any other portable lineup before.

In a the battle of 4k Nintendo’s art design fits perfect somewhere between 720p and 1080p. Zelda is a reminder that as long as the game is awesome you don’t have to have a massive gpu to make gaming awesome.

The switch is what i wanted to feel when I received my Wii u on launch day. I felt the Wii u software tried to hard to cash in on past greatness where as the Switch is ready to innovate, at least that’s what they have shown with Zelda and yes I know Zelda is on Wii u as well, but I think the switch help push the game to what it is today.

I’m excited and confident that Nintendo is bringing the big guns to this console generation. I plan on singing the praises and hope Nintendo can capture the audience to attract talent like Sony has with the PS4.




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