I Admire You PC Gamer


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So I’m not going to pretend that I’m part of the “Master-Race”. Yes I recently built a gaming rig out of my buddy’s old parts, but I immediately had Game-Pad  withdraws. However I do want to take a second to brag about my new found love for “PC GAMING”


The game selection on PC is second to none. Yes PlayStation pumps out some exclusives that don’t make it to PC, besides that PC has it all. Steam, Origin, and random little places sell games for super cheap. Freedom is the first word that comes to mind, because I never feel limited on options of where to shop.

Play My WAY!!

So I traded in my Xbox One and Ps4 to get the Pro. This is awesome and all but it left me without a “console” for a few days. Not a problem because my awesome new computer has a key board and mouse. I was amazed at how many different key bindings there were and I could even play games with just the mouse. The other cool thing is as long as i have windows My Xbox One controller is ready to go. I can hit the menu button and a menu pops up pretty cool and it gets better. Steam now support the Dual Shock 4 controller so I can use my fancy new Pro Controller to play my new library of games.

Windows and Linux

Sorry this is no contest, but I like that Linux is free. When I built my rig I was super broke, so I tried out Steam OS. I never got it to work quite the way I wanted but knowing that I always had a free opton made me happy. I also messed around with Ubutu and Linux Mint, but they wanted me to jump through to many hoops. I finally manned up and purchased a Windows 10 license and my world has since gotten exponentially bigger. Again the freedom of choice even with OS is amazing.

Upgrade City

I’m running a pc with a i5 2500k with a GTX  570, old right? Not at all. My new to me system can still play most current games and it kills anything from the ps3/xbox 360 generation. I like know that at any time I can update any part that I want and have accommodate all the awesome new games coming out. Even better is I won’t lose any games or progress when I do decide to upgrade. I know Consoles are trying to move more towards this, but If I buy it I should always have access to it. Thank you PC.

To Infinity and BEYOND…

I’m just getting started in my new “PC Universe” so I look forward to sharing my journey with you along the way. Just don’t expect me to be writing articles about World of Warcraft or League of Legends, both of them are a little over my head 😉






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