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Project Scorpio sounds like a 4K dream. A machine that may further blur the gap between pc and console. My curiosity is often met with doubt, because I already have the Xbox one s and an older gaming pc. Do I really need to get excited about this?

I have create a list of questions that I need answered in order to get my purchase. The right answers might have me saying yes to Scorpio or staying perfectly content with my current set up.

  • How much will the console cost?
  • How will I benefit with a 1080p tv?
  • So I get the graphics part but why do I need a new Xbox?
  • Microsoft’s first party content is lacking, what going to be different going forward?
  • Is this new machine able to be used as a windows 10 desktop?
  • Can I play my Steam games on it?

I need answers to these questions in order to get my purchase. I think it’s an exciting concept if it has the content to back it up.

For me this is not totally different from the Nintendo Switch (see article Time For Me To Switch?)  Maybe both of these consoles are aimed at consumers that are not me. I’m really hoping that I’m wrong. I would love to line up for the console, given it stands out from My current Xbox One S.



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