Tired of Free Games



The first of the month should feel like Christmas as a Xbox Gold and PlayStation Plus member I get free new games, but often that’s not the case. Free usually doesn’t mean good, unless the game is Rocket League because in many cases I already own the game or I have no interest in playing it.

Gravity Rush, Cobalt, Flame in the Flood, and Firewatch all come out this month, not one of these awesome titles are to be found. I’m not sure the criteria for a game to be free, but these seem like excellent choices. It’s understandable that developers may feel they don’t financially benefit from the programs, but there is an easy solution.

I would like to see Xbox and PlayStation give monthly credits to Plus and Gold members. I think that players should not only be rewarded but have the choice to pick what they play. Gaming gets expensive fast, so what better way to show appreciation each month, then to give a little credit back.

How much credit would suffice? I think $15 each month would be awesome and on top of that offering special pricing on hot indie games to encourage people to try them out. The credit could make it possible for people to save and get a new AAA title every few months.

A $15 credit will not buy me 6 games like PlayStation Plus offers or the 4 I get with Xbox Gold, but it does give me a choice. I would much rather have extra credit to spend, then see some game I bought last year as an option.

For example, I bought Hell Divers last year only now it’s free this month, so I’m not benefiting. A monthly credit would never lead to this problem as I would control which games I get.

 I’ve said my piece. I’m going to now download the free games and live with it, but I want to see what you guys have to say?

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  1. I like the credit idea, it is an interesting way to go. The idea behind saving up those credits and choosing a game I really want is the go to element here. To piggy back on your opening statement, I have not absolutely enjoyed a free game since I got Rocket League and that has become my favorite game I’ve played over the last couple years. I’d rather have QUALITY than QUANTITY. (Good Read!)

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