E3 Showdown

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Today’s Scorpio reveal has set the stage for one heck of an E3.  Sony is riding the waves of an excellent first half but gamers always demand more. Nintendo has a promising new system and they are eager to prove skeptics wrong. Microsoft has a high powered machine but will people really care?

Here are my opinions on what each needs to bring to the table this E3.

  • SONY

Sony has came out the last few years with an epic trailer filled extravaganza. one hot game after the next poured on to the screen last year, but this year i want to see a focus on release dates. I think that we need to hear about the Detroit game, Dreams, Spider-man release date, Days Gone, and the Uncharted expansion.  Sucker Punch is rumored to be showing off a new game and that’s great but I really want to see them pull a Microsoft style “here’s what you can play soon show”.  I mean why not keep killing it the rest of the year. I’m sure VR will get some sweet games too, but I’m hoping the focus for VR will be more RE7 like experiences and less Starwars Battlefront Gimmicky VR. I think Sony can do the least in terms of New game announcements  and still come out looking pretty good.


Nintendo in my opinion can come out looking the best this year. they have a hot new system and they are paving their own way. 4k doesn’t mean a thing to them and that’s okay.  I think they need to fill the back half of 2017 with Mario Kart 8 like revamps of Wii U games. I think Smash Bros, Kirby, and Monster hunter should all join the already announced games for this year. I don’t think they need Metroid this year nor do I think we will see any thing more than a no release date trailer. i think they need to flesh out their online service, virtual console needs to be more than one game at a time please,  and why not give us some Media Apps.  Nintendo started out bold with Zelda and I believe that is just the beginning. I think Nintendo is going to secure the #2 spot (Console Race)  in the coming year.


Microsoft needs to say the name, price and functions of the Scorpio ASAP. Then Phil needs to have a show of amazing titles coming outside of the ones we know. Microsoft is due a new First Party Mascot or a mix up of an old one. I think the Scorpio needs to do more than just be a power hitter. It needs to have some new cool features Xbox one does not have. I know it’s fantasy but full Windows 10 support would be amazing.  Xbox has spent the last couple years mixing and mingling with PC It’s time for them to get married. This means PC and Scorpio share multiplayer match making. Xbox needs some more sweet 3rd party team ups like Sunset Overdrive and less like Recore.  I think Microsoft can show VR but I think they need to focus on the Mainstream for this presentation. Simply put “Just Show Us Some Cool Games!”  AND please give us CUPHEAD at the end of the presentation. Like June 11th  you can download it!


What do you want to see??

Thank You Nintendo

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So I’ve been able to sit down and play My Nintendo switch for several hours and I’m in love.  Zelda Breath of the Wild is nothing short of amazing and the options for playing that the switch gives is more than satisfying.

I was skeptical until I held my very own switch, but I was quickly made a believer. The HD rumble of the controllers feels so much better than the dual shock 4, partially because the joy con controller is so light.

I love the way i can play with a joy con in each hand. At first it felt awkward then I looked at the clock and three hours had past. Now It’s my preferred method when playing on the TV. I’m sure that will change eventually but it’s nice to try a new method that is more than a gimmick.

Hand Held mode is smooth and satisfying knowing that I can take Zelda to hang out in the living room or to help me fall asleep lying in bed. The Switch has filled a void the Playstation Vita left. I always thought the Vita was close to perfect but the reliance on touch screen over buttons neutered lots of my game play experiences. It’s also nice to see that the software for switch is going to be better than any other portable lineup before.

In a the battle of 4k Nintendo’s art design fits perfect somewhere between 720p and 1080p. Zelda is a reminder that as long as the game is awesome you don’t have to have a massive gpu to make gaming awesome.

The switch is what i wanted to feel when I received my Wii u on launch day. I felt the Wii u software tried to hard to cash in on past greatness where as the Switch is ready to innovate, at least that’s what they have shown with Zelda and yes I know Zelda is on Wii u as well, but I think the switch help push the game to what it is today.

I’m excited and confident that Nintendo is bringing the big guns to this console generation. I plan on singing the praises and hope Nintendo can capture the audience to attract talent like Sony has with the PS4.




I Admire You PC Gamer


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So I’m not going to pretend that I’m part of the “Master-Race”. Yes I recently built a gaming rig out of my buddy’s old parts, but I immediately had Game-Pad  withdraws. However I do want to take a second to brag about my new found love for “PC GAMING”


The game selection on PC is second to none. Yes PlayStation pumps out some exclusives that don’t make it to PC, besides that PC has it all. Steam, Origin, and random little places sell games for super cheap. Freedom is the first word that comes to mind, because I never feel limited on options of where to shop.

Play My WAY!!

So I traded in my Xbox One and Ps4 to get the Pro. This is awesome and all but it left me without a “console” for a few days. Not a problem because my awesome new computer has a key board and mouse. I was amazed at how many different key bindings there were and I could even play games with just the mouse. The other cool thing is as long as i have windows My Xbox One controller is ready to go. I can hit the menu button and a menu pops up pretty cool and it gets better. Steam now support the Dual Shock 4 controller so I can use my fancy new Pro Controller to play my new library of games.

Windows and Linux

Sorry this is no contest, but I like that Linux is free. When I built my rig I was super broke, so I tried out Steam OS. I never got it to work quite the way I wanted but knowing that I always had a free opton made me happy. I also messed around with Ubutu and Linux Mint, but they wanted me to jump through to many hoops. I finally manned up and purchased a Windows 10 license and my world has since gotten exponentially bigger. Again the freedom of choice even with OS is amazing.

Upgrade City

I’m running a pc with a i5 2500k with a GTX  570, old right? Not at all. My new to me system can still play most current games and it kills anything from the ps3/xbox 360 generation. I like know that at any time I can update any part that I want and have accommodate all the awesome new games coming out. Even better is I won’t lose any games or progress when I do decide to upgrade. I know Consoles are trying to move more towards this, but If I buy it I should always have access to it. Thank you PC.

To Infinity and BEYOND…

I’m just getting started in my new “PC Universe” so I look forward to sharing my journey with you along the way. Just don’t expect me to be writing articles about World of Warcraft or League of Legends, both of them are a little over my head 😉






Questions for Phil

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Project Scorpio sounds like a 4K dream. A machine that may further blur the gap between pc and console. My curiosity is often met with doubt, because I already have the Xbox one s and an older gaming pc. Do I really need to get excited about this?

I have create a list of questions that I need answered in order to get my purchase. The right answers might have me saying yes to Scorpio or staying perfectly content with my current set up.

  • How much will the console cost?
  • How will I benefit with a 1080p tv?
  • So I get the graphics part but why do I need a new Xbox?
  • Microsoft’s first party content is lacking, what going to be different going forward?
  • Is this new machine able to be used as a windows 10 desktop?
  • Can I play my Steam games on it?

I need answers to these questions in order to get my purchase. I think it’s an exciting concept if it has the content to back it up.

For me this is not totally different from the Nintendo Switch (see article Time For Me To Switch?)  Maybe both of these consoles are aimed at consumers that are not me. I’m really hoping that I’m wrong. I would love to line up for the console, given it stands out from My current Xbox One S.



Time for me to SWITCH?

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I pride myself on showing no allegiance to a certain console. Instead I let the facts tell me what type of gamer I am. Where do I go to play with friends? What system has the games I want to play? What system do I log the most hours on?

Looking back at Nintendo’s Wii and Wii U neither were the answer to any of these questions. I eventually bought the Wii but was not sold on the motion controls and the Wii U I stood in line day one to get, but eventually traded it in, due to lack of games and poor online support.

I’ve been on the edge of my seat every since the Investors meeting hinted at the “NX” now known as The Switch. I followed the rumor mills more than I followed credible sources, because like a child I hoped this mythical new system was going to truly change the way I played.

In October, the commercial came, and I was on board. It looked weird with the joy-con controllers, but hey there is a pro controller. I really liked the fact that it was portable, but what about the Launch games or online support.

January 12th was the date marked on my calendar and being an “East-Coaster” I stayed up late to watch what I thought was a very poor reveal conference. It wasn’t bad because the English translators were dull or that the presenters were “lame”. For me it was discouraging because most of the rumors were wrong. I didn’t get blown away and that is what I wanted.

Zelda looks amazing, but I don’t really play Zelda, Mario looked weird but I would play it, and Bomberman and Puyo Puyo Tetris really got me excited, although neither are enough to sell me on the system. The rest was noise. There was mention of an online service, but there was no information. Why where they hiding it?  Also Nintendo was vague on launch games, I mean I know that Day one systems are not worth buying day one, but I want to be jealous of those fighting at Walmart to get one.

As details have trickled out, I’m not liking what I’m hearing. It’s a portable system, yet you have to use a phone app to communicate online? There is a monthly service fee but I don’t get to keep the games, Even more the games are as old as I am so why would I want to keep them? And the launch line up is slim with the games to follow being uninteresting.

I think ARMS has potential, but Splatoon 2 looks like the same game I saw on the Wii U. I will say I didn’t play Splatoon and so far this one does nothing to make me want to play the second one. Especially if there is poor online support. I know I know… Nintendo is a family console, but Dammit we can’t all live at home until we die. Family Gaming is online now and I think Nintendo has missed that point.

I’m aggravated because I want to  buy this system, but I have to wait for now and see what happens. Microsoft had a disaster of a first showing with the Xbox One, but now I really enjoy my system. I can hope that Nintendo will correct some of their miscues.

My wish list for the Switch is.

Better Online support.

No weird cell phone app for online gaming.

More new IP like Arms

Less ports or half-ass sequels












My 2016 Favorites

At the end of every year I’m only concerned about the next one, as I often find myself on next year’s hype train. I feels as if only yesterday I was talking about how great 2016 was going to be, so now is the moment of truth. The best way to judge a year is by it’s games so here are some of my favorites for 2016.

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Titan Fall 2 is my game of the year by far. While there were many to choose from this year, I found that they have done something other FPS games have not in combining an excellent campaign with addicting multiplayer.

Titan Fall 2 presents a 5-6 hour campaign with a handful of boss battles and lots of variety for an FPS. As for the Multiplayer I was surprised that they took the excellent design of the first game and expanded it. I’m always a one mode and done type guy on multiplayer games but I find myself playing Attrition, Pilot vs Pilot, or Bounty hunt almost equally.

If you have a taste for FPS or action games in general do not miss  Titan Fall 2.

Other great FPS games I liked in 2016


Battlefield 1

Call of duty Infinite Warfare

Image result for uncharted 4

Naughty Dog doesn’t know how to make a bad game. Uncharted 4 was another solid entry in the Uncharted series. The game play matched with excellent story telling is hard to compete with. My only complaint would be that I didn’t feel it had as many memorable scenes as those before it, but overall the game is a must play for 2016 action fans.

Other great action games I liked 2016

Gears of War 4

Ratchet and Clank

Image result


Deus Ex was a game I really looked forward to since playing Human Revolution. I was not disappointed with Mankind Divided. I liked that the game went away from boss battles and focused more on one direct enemy. I thought the story could have been better, but the freedom of choice in the game is awesome. I really felt the ability to shape the way I played. Deus Ex gets my praise for RPG of the year.

other great Rpg games I liked in 2016

Dark Souls 3

Final Fantasy XV

This is what I would call my short list for the year. 2016 was an excellent year for sequels from long running series. Overwatch was the best new IP I played and I’m really excited to see what the team at Blizzard does with that Franchise in the future.

Overall I don’t think there is a lot more I could ask for from 2016. I definitely think it’s the best year of the current console cycle, but I do Look for 2017 to give quite the challenge.




XCOM 2 Dropping in Today

Want to save the enslaved world from total annihilation?

You can today in the new XCOM 2 on PC.

I personally have been debating for days whether or not to get this game myself opening day, but what is there really to think about?

This is a must buy for all strategy gamers.

If you are unfamiliar with XCOM check the launch trailer out above.

And Good Luck!!

Quest for a Cheap Gaming Laptop


I’m a console gamer through and through, but I’ve always found interest in PC gaming.  The allure of cheap games, paired with the promise of better graphics, created enough momentum to get my first gaming laptop.

A couple years back I bought an HP, with enough power to run Bioshock Infinity on low settings. I purchased the computer for $650 from my local Best Buy. The computer’s life was short lived when the hinge broke, but that is another story. I have to say that I enjoyed partaking in steam sells, gaining access to new games, and a noticeable graphics difference, even on lower settings.

After being without a PC for a few years, I’ve decided to try again. This time my thirst for knowledge has propelled me to do some research, over walking into my local retailer, equipped with some buzz words.

My ultimate goal is to find the best deal on the most power.


In order to find the best deal, I had to first know what I was looking for. Starting with processors, I used pcpartpicker.com to educated me on the different name brands and their models. After research, I decided I wanted to go with no less than an i5 5200  or A10 7300 series, for my horsepower.

Next I began looking into GPUs, doing research by browsing through Nvidia and AMd’s websites. I decided my future laptop needed at least a Nvidia 940 or Amd R5 series Gpu.

As for memory, I’ve decided on 8gb ram memory and a 1 TB Hard drive.

Finding a Winner:

Lenovo, Acer and HP were the house hold names in my search for a sub $700 laptop. I decided that after my bad HP experience, I would look mainly at Acer or Lenovo.

Below are the two deals I’ve narrowed down to.

The best Lenovo deal I’ve found as of this article was an open box at Best Buy. Exclusive to Best Buy the Y700 offers the Fx processor (Better than A-10), 4gb dedicated AMD R9 M380 Gpu, 8gb Ram, and a 1 TB Hard drive.  31 customer reviews scored the laptop a 4.4 out of 5, with several reviewers being gamers. Regular $899.99, the computer is on sale this week for $799.99, with an open box price of $639.00, not bad.

The other choice, is a sweetly priced Acer on Newegg.com. The Acer Aspire E E5 sports the intel i5 5200u processor, 2 gb dedicated 940m Nvidia gpu, 8gb ram, and 1 TB hard drive. 56 customer review scored the laptop a 4 out of 5, with gamers saying it was decent for light gaming. Regular 599.99, the notebooks is going for 499.99.

Between the two the Lenovo has better current specs, but the low price is keeping the Acer in the race.

Which one would you pick, or give me a better choice altogether?



Tired of Free Games



The first of the month should feel like Christmas as a Xbox Gold and PlayStation Plus member I get free new games, but often that’s not the case. Free usually doesn’t mean good, unless the game is Rocket League because in many cases I already own the game or I have no interest in playing it.

Gravity Rush, Cobalt, Flame in the Flood, and Firewatch all come out this month, not one of these awesome titles are to be found. I’m not sure the criteria for a game to be free, but these seem like excellent choices. It’s understandable that developers may feel they don’t financially benefit from the programs, but there is an easy solution.

I would like to see Xbox and PlayStation give monthly credits to Plus and Gold members. I think that players should not only be rewarded but have the choice to pick what they play. Gaming gets expensive fast, so what better way to show appreciation each month, then to give a little credit back.

How much credit would suffice? I think $15 each month would be awesome and on top of that offering special pricing on hot indie games to encourage people to try them out. The credit could make it possible for people to save and get a new AAA title every few months.

A $15 credit will not buy me 6 games like PlayStation Plus offers or the 4 I get with Xbox Gold, but it does give me a choice. I would much rather have extra credit to spend, then see some game I bought last year as an option.

For example, I bought Hell Divers last year only now it’s free this month, so I’m not benefiting. A monthly credit would never lead to this problem as I would control which games I get.

 I’ve said my piece. I’m going to now download the free games and live with it, but I want to see what you guys have to say?

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